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Earn $$$ for each disarm and recovery of communications, improvised explosives,
and other bore path attached deployments after each location service is complete!


Meeting a demand with requirement to innovate detection.
Project Duration, 1998 to 2017+

Work for FDOD and MarleyLABs or Donate to our Mission!

Map Making and Verification

  • $$$ for performing a community search is payable after a map for the community is provided. It is advisable the trained use of hand tool is recorded.
  • $$$ for performing a verification utilizes the map provided by prior work, evaluates a yes or no, and produces a map.
  • Surveyors will produce the third map using measurement equipment.
  • When the drill site wiring is removed, the area is occasionally spot checked as part of a route, for redeployment.

Leads are provided by complaint, identification of symptoms, vehicle, and/or airborne survey equipment. Learn more here!

Power Line and Meter Verification

  • $$$ for performing a community search is payable after a map for the community is provided. It is advisable the meter numbers be recorded by video appointment at each site, with cable box MAC addresses, interference line locations, three phase box locations with ID, resistor packs.
  • $$$ for performing a verification utilizes the map provided by prior work, evaluates, and confirms numbering.
  • Company employee will replace the digital meter with Analog and provide RF capable only Cable boxes.
  • When the field hardware is replaced, the area is occasionally spot checked as part of a route, for redeployment.

Leads are provided by research and complaints filed for cointel comparable activity. File a complaint!

Drill Site and Community Samples

  • $$$ for performing a community search is payable after a map for the community is provided. It is advisable soil samples be recorded by video appointment at each site. This representative will distribute chemical weapons test lithmus paper and explain the use of sample collection bags, spoons, and sterile gloves.
  • $$$ for performing a verification utilizes the map provided by prior work, evaluates, and confirms numbering. Collects a second random sample set.
  • A spectography unit will verify sample compositions.

Leads are provided by video recordings submitted or identified online and as part of complaint index! File a Complaint!

Route Information can be found here, if the lab is working in your community, refer your area to be Surveyed!


Services offered include perimeter checks and trencher / drill site insertion point location and address identification. There is an hourly rate affiliated with the search, or flat cost per job site. The video series, follows start to finish work, identifying the weapons deployments with a hand tool, and these are correlated with the maps provided as part of the video. The work your paying for, provides a map, and also other required information after the search; including video documentation of the work done for "spiderhunter" job assignments.

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Here are some examples of recent work.

After identifying the work in a community near to me, "speculation" prompted these searches at locations around the county where "bomb threats" were found on the internet. The following video follow a search procedure from start to location for point of insertion. Requests for video produced by camera or microphone not included in this presentation can be made to; and where available.

Example of Procedure

The requirement is made by the party requesting the work. The danger of trenchers, directional drills, and bore paths weapons prompts these searches:

Search for point of insertion for directional drill / trencher unit and locate lines, then determine if bore path has:

  • Servos on bore path, Other Energy Weapon
  • Land mines on bore path, C4, Powder
  • Plain Induction Program (Targeted with symptoms)
  • Phone Line or Mole Line transmitters
  • Skimmers, UHF or VHF transmitters
  • GPR Weapons (ground penetrating radar, up to 15'+/- depth)
  • Improvised Munitions, Triggers, etc.
  • Etc.

What to look for: As the directional drill is used, rods are attached as the bit is pushed into the ground under the buildings from location, 6',8', 10' and other lengths, one at a time, and it is pushed farther in the direction selected. The explosive charge or radio tip, etc, is part of the shaft of the first bit and length, from the drill / trencher unit. This part is released before the bore is removed, the wiring is left in place through the hallow length as it is removed still attached to the bit and attachment left in place. The drill is incremented slightly after the bore lengths are removed, and in another direction, and another bore made from the same site. This is how the "spiderweb" shape is achieved for the AoE, "Area of Affect" deployment. I have not confirmed any radio active material left in any bore hole; however, some speculation is that some material was going to be triggered for a "meltdown" as part of one attack under a building.

If site is empty, pull meter at drill site and relocate. In this community, pulling the meter, I can not relocate wiring.

Internet Searches

Searching for possible "spiderhunt" locations on the internet is a complex psychological problem model for each case referral requiring "reading into" the symptom descriptions to discover any origin as a wiring deployment. Here is a list of some symptoms to watch out for when selecting locations to search.
  • Targeted persons, descriptions of being pointed at.
  • Complaints of "targeting by satelittes" or "drones"
  • Symptoms of "Voice to Skull"
  • Noted Inaudible cuing affiliated with content.
  • Inaudible cuing combined with vocal media cuing purportedly "telling the future."
  • Unsual symptoms or psychosis after filing whistleblower, serving on a jury, or working a sensitive employment.
  • Unexplained "audible hallucinations" that are repetitive.
  • Media content correlated suggestion."
  • Complaints of stalkers with flash lights.
  • Descriptions of "person in the attic" or "person in tunnels"
  • Audible DDoE, distributed denial of enforcement.
  • DDoE Audibles like "The FBI is not," "the state is not," "the department is not..."
  • Descriptions of "Ghost talking from the ground" or "flashlights in the dirt"
  • Explainable "name calling," "inaudible coercion," "reminders of wrong doing," etc.
  • Vocal cuing combined with inaudible influence."
  • Experiences describe as "extra terrestrial in origin."
  • Psychological symptoms and talk about being "wired up," "chipped," "deviced out..."
  • People looking through walls, floors, or your own eyes.
  • Chemical and radio sensitivity weapons deployed by planes. Metals dumping.
  • Descriptions of "tortureware" and correlated wiring deployments.
  • Descriptions of the wiring in the home being used against the occupant.
  • Cross network interference, Cable TV, Satellites TV, or Antenna TV.
  • Bombs threats where no explosive is found on the surface
  • Etc...
These are only few of the symptoms by a resident which could prompt a "spiderhunt" in the community.

Crime and searches

Making a search for pattern shape wiring deployments with the hand tool, the result of a crime discovered, read about, or talked about in the news, can be complicated for a citizen or law enforcement officer using precinct and public records. However, the process is the same when using the hand tool and a community map to identify if a drill site is present. These site are often inserted from a "couple streets away." Here are some noted successful "spiderhunts" to locate web work adjacent a crime, presented here as an example.
  • In Volusia County, a series of persons "wrapped in plastic" led to a "spiderhunt" which identified deployments from drill site locations targeting the crime scenes.
  • Local, State, and Federal officers with unusual symptoms.
  • Places of judicial business.
  • Unusual communication suspected at a crime scene, or detceted during forensic evaluation.
  • Unusual communication furing forensic evaluation described as V2S discouraging investiation.
  • Unusual donations, contract awards, or money transfers.
  • Statements like "I thought the police knew."
  • Jurors, Witnesses, and mysterious symtpoms of illness.
  • Symptoms of fight or flight; Runner intercept
  • Suspicition of shooter programs, False flags and assassins
  • Claims of association with international terrorism and no prior indication
  • Unusual Symtptoms of Dimensia, unexplainable stroke or other illness
  • Children writing the names of cultists on walls
  • Neighbors writing, making resumes, for the same reasons a whistleblower left a company.
I have found with most of these descriptions, a percentage of complaints cued for discovery reveals a pattern shaped deployment in the area of business or residence. Some of these deployments are described by the victim as remarkably complex, alien and extra-terrestrial, and are as simple as a high voltage transformer attached to improperly rated wiring, a high output radio antenna, or ground pentrating servos that can "see through walls," and other hardware issues like radio skimmers spraying a bank vault with subsurface radio antannas to recover securities tags in the vault.

Solutions: Where the pattern wiring affect is identified and symptoms are described as complex by the victim, and where the discovery at the dig site is simple; the issue might be due to induction; or stress related conditions of radio sensitivity, voltage inducted to the person, and seeing "fairies" the result of a long term stress applied. This is distinguished when the whole path of a pattern shape is identifiable with the hand tool, back to a drill site insertion location, or person describe having symptoms at home and work, but not on the road. Remove the meter at the drill site and/or snip the sub subterranean wiring to the pattern shape and solve the problem.

A community member or law enforcement, should consult a trained professional on staff, or an authorized deployment contractor to make an analysis. A bomb squad should be consulted if explosives are suspected in a bore path deployment; or law enforcement if a breech operation is necessary to make a disarm of the wiring problem in areas of conflict or uncertainty.

Legal Note: Video Documentation of local authority indicates deputies are not aware of the weapons deployment; or how to detect it. Other contact suggest some awareness for use "making fairies" from trifecta stresses applied to the community or establishments "targeted" by the weapons deployments identified. The hand tool and map making procedure has recently been discovered as useful for this purpose, and for this problem; AKA Induction. Proofs and video documentation are included above this statement. The weapons detected are active on this day 03132017 and can be identified by other parties learning this new method, presented for precisely the purpose of; and as a deterrent model.

To Request this service
Call (386) 868-3433

No charge Search and/or Support for
"TI" and "self described targeted persons"

Professional service has Minimum 4 Hours
per job @ Hourly Rate.

Refer a project discovery location!
Earn $20 for each valid single referral.
Referral bonus varies by state and quantity.

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